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Artist: Diversant:13
Title: Glamour & Pathos
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Synthematik (@)
Rated: *****
Hellectro is always same-sounding, repetitive, monotonous and at least boring. Really? Come on, guys, and give this new talent hailing out of Belarus a fair chance. They of course do not re-invent the wheel of a car, but what they do here, sounds harsh, with passion and dedicated to the subject. 4 original tracks are featured here, plus 6 remix works by projects out of the Russian Harsh Electro/Industrial underground-scene with names like ZWEIFELHAFT, [DE:SOURCE], PSYQ, DIRTY BIRD 13, NANOBIOTICS, or that pure cover version on the title track by UNGRACE, which adds a rocking Crossover-feeling to the hard, straight-forward produced music. What counts is the sound, the energy and the sweat spent into the production of their own compositions and DIVERSANT: 13 are acting like a hurricane, which blows away the mediocrity out of too many artists in this genre. 'C*NT (feat. Miss13)' is a linear EBM-tune, which offers a bizarre sound vocal performance by the female guest vocalist Miss13. The track 'Electroscum, Inc.' additionally comes out raw, with some raging guitar riffs, and can be counted as being the most forward-moving tunes. The bass lines and the straight beat-work of this quartet are sweaty and breathtaking, while the difference to some central-European substitutes lays in the language, and a bit in the kind, how they perform their abrasive vocals. Thematically surprisingly not reflecting the deeds of the next mass-murderer, this quartet offers a nasty essay about the typical scene-affectation by its patronages ' although I don't speak Russian/Belarusian languages. 'Glamour And Pathos' is a promising first release for them, and they should be able to continue in this style. Thrilling enough produced to kick multiple, better-known projects out of the stadium, keep on rawking!

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