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Artist: Code 64 (@)
Title: Trialogue
Format: CD
Label: Progress Productions (@)
Distributor: Broken Silence
Rated: *****
After their well recognized appetizer 'Stasis', released earlier this year as being a 5-track download-EP, the new formatted trio of CODE 64 offers a new and long awaited studio-album. As expected, this album follows the mood and impression already discovered from the 'Stasis'-EP, while it has some additional outstanding tunes to consume. Telling the listeners some tiny and charming sci-fi related stories of the how to leave our home world and to settle down in indescribable different worlds, CODE 64 offer a skilful and very modern form of Synth-/Futurepop-music, which is able to rival with the biggest names out of this music genre. Highly polished synth arrangements, diverse and intelligent chosen sound programs, and the crystal-clear performance by the new vocalist Hendrik Piehl - these all are ingredients featured here to cook a delicious ear-dinner. 'Stasis' is one hit, but 'Deviant', 'Higher Ground', or the fantastically arranged 'S.O.L.' can easily follow and should be ideal tracks, to safe any Synthpop-party. Highlight is nevertheless the sentimental ballad-like tune 'Oblivion', which slows down the rushing action and spends a spectacular, nearly chill-out like atmosphere with perfect synthesizer drops and a catchy vocal performance. Although that this album looses a bit of intensity after the 8th track, and yes, I don't think, that the half-baked tune 'Masquerade' isn't an ideal Single-follower to 'Stasis', the first half of this album I tend to call as being one of the most impressive Synth-/Futurepop-albums ever released. CODE 64 has had a good name in the past, but it won't wonder too much, if they will be able to enhance their international reputation. The band can already report about Chart-entries in Sweden's official album-charts. The talent is featured in this new band formation, so don't miss this album!

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