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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Compilation Vol.3
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Solar One Music
Rated: *****
COMPILATION 3 is the new Solar One Music CDr compilation issued as usual in a 100 copies run. This time, Robert and Nico packed the new release with thirteen new tracks and three remixes (you can find them into the 3" CDr attached to the inner cover of the hand made digipack package). The compilation is opened by an electronic atmospheric great tune titled "R.F.I.D.", by Miami electro techno enthusiast AS1. Atmospheric electro continues with Komarken Electronics with a robotic tune with 8 bit like sounds, titled "Spaciousness". The same atmosphere is produced by Destral, that with "I love your fat ass" produce nice Miami bass driven sounds with bleeps and long pads. =UHU= is here with a remix of "Lyntas jazz", a track which mix minimal techno, house and electro. Aratkilo with "Blood-feud" changes the atmosphere adding darkness (check the menacing vocals) and obsessive synth lines to bouncing bass lines and hard 4/4 beats. Kan3da with "Gbg" ease the atmosphere thanks to robotic sounds and pads arpeggios. Alek Stark with "Am I wrong" is here with an obsessive tune of dark electro with vocoder filtered vocals and techno intuitions. "Planet 3" by Planetwalker is an electronic tune with synth alternating sound, electro funk bass lines and robotic atmospheres. SLF's "Aurora Borealis" is based on a circular melodic mechanical structure almost dreamy. Vagon Brei with "Ascension" present a cinematic electronic mid-tempo with nice melodies. The Exaltics with "Second choice" break the delicate atmosphere of the track before with techno industrial rhythms and epic/dreamy syth lines. Zyntax with "Sunset walk" mix ambient cold atmospheres, techno experimentalism and hypnotic melodies. Crotaphytus with "Bite 6" close the first CD with dreamy atmospheres, grinding rhythmical samples and icy ambient sounds. The MCD is opened by Clatterbox's remix of "Science of the naked men", a dark mid tempo track with early electronic industrial atmospheres (do you remind Portion Control?). Crotaphytus remix "Plug", a track originally by Katelectro Vs. Jauzas The Shining. They made of it a mix of techno industrial and dry electronic music with orchestral inserts. The whole compilation closes with The Exaltics remix of David Rottemeyer's "Logo 81", a nice electro upbeat tempo track with catchy obsessive melodic lines, cold pads and rich rhythmic parts. Make your purchase... quality is here!

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