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Artist: Alpha Point (@)
Title: High Like The Angels
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Synthematik (@)
Rated: *****
This new EP of Moldavia's 'Rocking Futurepop project' ALPHA POINT acts a bit like a twin release to their first, also on Synthematik released EP 'Alive'. Two new and original tracks and the usual addition of 3 remix contributions on the title track by Mr. ALPHA 'Rush' POINT himself (Relaxed Mix), the label colleagues of [systemshock] (Devildance Mix) and from PERSONAL SPACE (Cuttin' Wings Mix). Mr Rush offers again his successful formula of Futurepop-inspired Electronic sounds, combined with gritty guitar riffs. He does this well sounding, but also relatively expected and without thrilling musically experiments. Compared to the powerful and with mighty guitars supported b-side tune 'God's Anger', I tend to rate the title track as being the better one, since it leaves a bit more room to take a deep breathe and it offers a bit more relaxing and catchy arrangements. While I'm not too impressed with the relatively uninspired Techno-/Trance-Electronica sound in use at the remix of [systemshock], and at Mr. Rush's own re-interpretation, I tend to declare the work of PERSONAL SPACE as being the discovery of this EP. May someone calls that remix a strong dedication to Alternative/Pop-related genres much based in a well-known British MODE-style - I call that a surprising good performance of the 'how-to-produce-an-authentic-sounding-remix' schoolbook, which explores a relatively different sound-environment compared to the original composing artist. Quality stuff of course, but the most remarkable surprise has been produced by a remixing artist ' strange, unexpected, but true!

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