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Artist: Purple Fog Side
Title: Project:Rentgen
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Synthematik (@)
Rated: *****
If one of the oldest and best known Russian Goth-/Dark Wave-bands like PURPLE SIDE FOG (2 albums available on Shadowplay Records) decides to collaborate with Synthematik ' in no negative meaning a pure net-label ' then there must be growing a kind of sensible sensation in the minds of the responsible band-members. The certainty, that the days of the physical product, the CD, are counted, may can be taken as a reference, that this formation has documented the will to collaborate. On the other hand, Synthematik has made themselves a good name during the last half year, to be an excellent promoter by using multiple kinds of online resources to gain a maximum of attention, so why not to give it a try? This freely downloadable album consist of an experiment of PFS ' they have recorded all featured tracks in kind of a real-time mode, which means, that they have produced song by song in a strictly declared time window of 1 ½ months, starting all compositions completely from scratch. The band has used online communities and has uploaded any raw demo version of these tracks for their fans and listeners to start a mutual interaction. Completely remixed and mastered after this experimental phase, this 10 all new tracks (plus 3 remix contributions by ALPHA POINT, X-TI, and ELEKTRONNOE OBLAKO, plus an alternative radio version in Russian language on 'My Secret friend') are far away from being demos or uninspired stuff established out of a short expiration time. I am unable to draw comparisons to their Shadowplay recordings, as I am unfamiliar with them, but especially tracks like the already mentioned 'My Secret Friend', or 'Crystal Castle' offer enough potential to impress Goth-, Wave, and Electro-minded listeners completely. Especially the intended contrast between the raw- and dark-sounding male vocalist to the compelling, nearly angelic vocals of the female counterpart can be called exceptionally well-done. This album may needs 2 ' 3 spins more to disclose all good elements, but it is definitely worth to invest it. So there's only one thing I would like to know from the band: what is a 'PVC Slut'?

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