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Artist: LPF 12
Title: Inhibition Level
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Abstrakt Reflections (@)
Rated: *****
I don't know, how often I wrote this phrase, but: it is the year of comebacks! LPF 12 is a Northern-Germany-based one-man-project which has been highly active with its musically assaulting efforts somewhere between DIVE and harsher MENTALLO & THE FIXER in the years between 1993 to 1995. Those have been the days, where bands had to record demo tapes as being the most affordable medium, and LPF 12 has entered a lot of stock lists of tapes labels like Obscura Records, Side-Line, Catkiller, Crewzine, or Crippled Abortion Tapes. Also a few CD compilation appearances became reality and Sascha could enter a free slot on such highly recognized releases like 'An Ideal For Living (Gothic Arts Records)', 'Neues Elektro Blut Vol. 1 (Khazad-Dum/Side-Line)', or the 'Vertigo Compilation Vol. 1/1996 (magazine + CD comp./Celtic Circle Prod.)'. In 1996 Sascha stopped abruptly his musically path and he set LPF 12 in hiatus. It has at least taken 14 years, until he decided to re-animate his beloved project with a bang. He's seemingly a hyperactive musician, who isn't able to take off his nervous fingers away from his equipment to relax for a while, because since early 2010 he has now produced music to fill 5 (!!!) different releases available on different labels. After an own released downloadable EP entitled 'Vicious Circle' via his bandcamp website, he presents his album 'Inhibition Level' signed to the Abstrakt Reflections netlabel, and so his official second release during this year. Compared to his previously discovered label colleagues like APPARENT SYMMETRY and IN A MINDSET, Sascha's LPF 12 acts a bit like a bird of paradise. His rather classic Electro-/EBM-related background can be easily recognized, because Sascha's tracks are focusing for the most part on abstract produced rhythm patterns, while his above named colleagues are stronger in producing luscious and haunting Ambient-like moods. Another obvious ability contrary to his label colleagues is his usage of vocals with real composed lyrics. Sascha's tracks are straight and rhythmic-oriented arranged, although his stuff isn't compatible to any Harsh-EBM/Hellectro dancefloor attitudes ' he rather offers stuff which creeps over the eardrums into the brain. I tend to point out 'Break My Core' as being an awesome example, how to install experimental rhythm pattern with a handy composition line and raspy vocals ' a tiny masterpiece, which balances well on the thin line between Dark Electro and Noise. With the haunting 'The White Room' he also proves a good sense to produce a different sounding, rather Dark Ambient-related tune ' while he still can develop in some things in this playing field. Some remixes and collaborations with MISSRATENER SOHN, MC1R (Hey Nick!), MENSCHLICHE ENERGIE, or DECI?HER are featured too on this album, and especially the remix of the German fellow IN A MINDSET on 'Towards Nowhere' charms the ear-channel with intensely produced synth sweep sounds. 13 tracks in all and a lot of good things to report from ' LPF 12 hasn't reached any end of rope and will continue highly productive path.

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