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Artist: Robert Nasveld (@)
Title: Music For After Anything
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Attacca (@)
Distributor: Muziek Groep Nederland
MUSIC FOR AFTER ANYTHING is a double CD by Dutch composer and pianist Robert Nasveld. The great artwork includes very informative booklet with photos and liner notes written by the composer himself that open the door to his creative laboratory. MUSIC FOR AFTER ANYTHING is made up of diverse compositions that basically explore the possibilities of the piano and present a panoramic view on the historic development of the instrument. Nevertheless, piano is not the only instrument on show here. The core of the composition PREPARATIONS FOR COMA is the chirring of a typewriter which is beautifully augmented by the piano bits played by Polo de Haas as well as bass clarinet of Harry Sparnaay. The oldest musical instrument - human voice - dominates in the second track called IMAGINATIONS I. The three-minute track TRIPLUM (perhaps, the most mesmerizing number of the bunch) simply takes your breath away with its magical energy. The composition consists of three separate parts and is performed by the Utrecht Chamber Choir. A subtle shift of view is perceivable in the title track that opens the second disc. It lets you see the new sides of already known phenomenon and situations. This is music of impressions, granting the epilogues with the life of the main story, turning the after word into the linking plot. This after, or the subtlest aftertaste is brought into focus here. The shift of view also results in our changed perception of the episodes of life. The list of these episodes is also included in the booklet and it numbers 22 occupations, events and states: having one?s teeth cleaned, a visit to the social worker, learning of a grant refusal etc.Space and time are the dimensions in which the composer operates, taking them to a special level - the one of the newborn sonic fantasy. Exceptionally beautiful music, although its beauty is not pastoral, but contradictory, unstable, disturbing, capable of stimulating all spiritual forces of the listener. Going through all levels of music, taking in all of its moods, infiltrating its body, we acquire our own versatile experience which is not only musical. For lovers of modern classical music MUSIC FOR AFTER ANYTHING will be a valuable buy.

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