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Artist: Horologium
Title: A handful of dust and ashes
Format: CD
Label: Zoharum (@)
Rated: *****
Another release for the polish Zoharum. Horologium come from Poland as well. They have several releases out, and this cd compiles a couple of early cdr's released in 2005 with the addition of 3 live songs. Horologium seem to be very active in the neo-folk scene, also from the live concerts side, though this cd shows a large number of composition with several elements combined. There's synth ambient for sure, a gloomy kind of one, some orchestral arrangements, samples, creepy noises, industrial elements sounds here and there, organ parts, a martial fascination that band seems to possess, and that allegedly will become a trademark for Horologium. Probably the feeling is enforced by the fact that this cd compiles different releases, but it seems that the mix of different elements not always works, it's like a collage that sometimes fails in being organic rather than being appealing. Interesting for the fans who want to rediscover the roots of Horologium. Digipack packaging.

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