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Artist: Woodland Choir
Title: Serenity rise
Format: CD
Label: Epidemie (@)
Rated: *****
Hailing from Hungary, Woodland Choir, a.k.a. Attila Bakos, the mind and the arm behind the project, is not on the usual side of art. It's more common to see art-works springing from tormented souls, states of sorrow, anger, frustration, basically negative feelings stimulating creativity. The main concept behind Woodland Choir refers to love for life, serenity, hope. Something pretty unusual mirrored by those 9 songs based on peaceful and melodic acoustic guitar arpeggios. Vocals are added, sometimes choirs, occasional flute and synth, creating a calm atmosphere where's there's no place for melancholy. It's rather the soundtrack for a contemplative sunny morning in the countryside in the middle of nowhere. This is fully that acoustic/folk the label is writing about. The aim is achieved though the vocal parts sometimes rate not the best ones. As far as my knowledge of hungarian folk goes there's no trace of it if it's a question that comes to your mind

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