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Oct 13 2010
Artist: Downrocks
Title: Mecanismos
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Beat Hazard (@)
Rated: *****
Camilo Sampayo is not a newcomer. Moving from Argentina to Spain in 1982, he participated to the first "Electro domesticos" compilation back in 1998 (under his Kapi moniker with the song "Psicofastofoide") as well to the second chapter of that compilation which has been compiled and released by Alek Stark few months ago. This time he participated with "Sounds Of The Streets" as Downrocks. He has also a past as hip hop and graffiti artist during the 80s but I'll focus on Downrocks for this review. With this project he already released two E.P.s ("Geometria" and "Beathazard") for his own label Beathazard Recordings in 2006 and 2008 and he just released as download only a new E.P. titled MECANISMOS. This new release contains six new songs which have many highs: great choice of electronic sounds which sound powerful and balanced, syncopated rhythms and catchy melodies, cool vocoder vocals and good mix of spacey sounds and synth bass lines/leads. Since the opening song "Pretoria" the listener is trapped within hypnotic arpeggios and catchy tunes while the electro funk structure of the song is making you dance. Also "Fastofoides" follows the same path and presents vocoder vocals, warm pads and those characteristics brass break sounds. "Pop and locking (Freestyle Mix)" is nice example of r'n'b mixed with electro funk with the soul vocals of Renko. "Mech city" sounds a bit more robotic with synth fast "scratches" and stops and go. "Micro stones" is dark, mechanic and sounds like Godzilla playing classic electro (really cool the slowed down vocoder vocals). This great E.P. closes with "E.M. waves", a mix of classic electro funk and dark electro with 4/4 hard beats. You have to check this one and you can do it fully here Listen to it and purchase it supporting Downrocks!

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