Music Reviews

Feb 23 2003
Artist: VVAA
Title: Thisoriented
Format: CD
Label: Thisco (@)
Second sampler from the more and more active collective. I think all tracks are exclusive or unreleased live versions. Emphasys is on underground electronica, with various nuances - from the ethno-exoteric approach of Ah Cama-Sotz, This Morn'omina and Rapoon to the avantgarde/glitch one of Ultra Milkmaids, with an obvious presence of the unavoidable Warp-sounding styles. Resident projects and Sci-fi Industries prove once more to be in excellent form also in live sets, and Sunwolf is a name to be on the lookout for in the increasing Thisco rooster. Matt Howden's Sieben present, on their part, a bizarre track called "Luso in my heart" (great title) with an uncommon electronic-rhythmic background merging with Howden's violin and passionate vocals... quite romantic and noir sounding, actually. Other projects included are Spies-Inplant, Elektroplasma, Dither, Mimetic Data, and Mlada Fronta. Watch out for the new full-length by!

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