Music Reviews

Title: Sepulchres/Alpha Omega
Format: CD
Label: Anaemic Waves Factory (@)
A 16-track cdr in the usual glossy A5 packaging for this new Anaemic Waves Factory reissue. Mortar's "Sepulchres" tape (1997) presents eight untitled track of dark industrial ambient. Let's say I liked the darker, more oppressive tracks, while the more musical ones were not for me - too raw and minimal in their melodies... I think this project (by the way, you'll know it's Murder Corporation in his ambient incarnation) has done better in the future. Sweden's heathen Magnus Zetterberg/Manifesto offers, on his part, two tracks from the "Concrete Salvation" 7" (2000), four from the "Nailed to the floor tape", and two from a 2002 private CDr. Manifesto is a cold, mechanical mix of death industrial and dark ambient, with pounding rhythms, ghastly atmospheres and obsessive samples galore... a sort of more varied version of Archon Satani, maybe. Quite good stuff but a bit repetitive on the long run.

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