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Artist: Promonium Jesters (@)
Title: EP2010
Format: CD EP
Label: P in a Circle Records (@)
Distributor: P in a Circle Records
Rated: *****
Out of Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada come Promonium Jesters led by Ethan Mosely. I've heard them described as psychedelic industrial/thrash rock and although I'm not sure that's the best description for this band, but I can't think of a better one so we'll just let that stand for now. Over the course of 15 years they've released 12 other albums and have managed to keep on the fringe so that I've never heard of them until now. To their credit, Promonium Jesters is a live performing unit, at least in Canada for the time being.

For the most part, the music has an 'everything but the kitchen sink' aesthetic ('Oh, we missed the kitchen sink? Well fuck, let's rip it out of the wall and throw THAT in too!!') that manifests in a kind of controlled chaos with nearly relentless, and sometimes breakneck grooves. Imagine early My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult on meth, and you have a better idea of what's going on. Moseley's heavily processed vocals are more recited, whispered, spit out and screamed than sung, and only occasionally can you make out what he's saying. There is plenty of electronic effluvia in the mix, lots minimal sequencing, twisted tones and dark drooblings. For sure, this is a different kind of industrial music than you might be used to, fairly far from the mainstream. The track I liked best on 'EP2010' was 'Scar Master,' one of the less frenetic numbers with its dark ambient intro, stuttering synth sequences, raging vocals, wall of processed guitar accents, and brief spatial interludes. At times, it is super dense, at others, quite minimal. If NIN were to turn avant-garde, it might sound something like this. The last track, 'Omnicide' is also a medium-paced groove that might be the most psychedelic thing on the EP, and a psychedelic death trip at that. Manson would probably dig it; Charles, Marilyn, take your pick. At over 8 minutes though, it just seemed to drag on a bit too long for my taste.

Overall, there were elements on 'EP2010' that I really liked, and some that I didn't care for, but hey, that's just me. For you, they might just be the greatest thing since sliced bread; if you like your bread hacked with a chainsaw, dipped in petroleum and toasted in a blast furnace.

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