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Artist: Echo Us
Title: Tomorrow Will Tell The Story
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Absolute Probability Records
TOMORROW WILL TELL THE STORY is the third album of Ethan Matthews's creature called Echo Us. Ideally it continues the story started with their previous album "The Tide Decides" released the last year by Musea Records. For this release, Ethan is helped out by a number of guest musicians: the Grammy nominated vocalist Henta, the harpist Raelyn Olson, Rawn Clark (who performed a Kabbalistic 'canticle') and harmonium player Daniel Panasenko. TOMORROW WILL TELL THE STORY musically is a mix of progressive music, new wave and ambient where luscious atmospheres are enriched by chants, guitar solos and passionate vocal performances. Sometimes it recalled me a sort of mix of Peter Gabriel meets Rain Tree Crow (do you remember the reunion Japan did under that moniker?) with contributes of Adrian Belew's guitar. For my tastes there is too much use of world/fairy atmospheres but the whole album has a great sound and if you love dreamy/dramatic atmospheres performed with the heart in the hands, for sure you can check this out. At the moment is out as digital download but soon it will available as CD.

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