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Artist: Transparent Illusion
Title: Still Human
Format: CD
Label: Anna Logue Records (@)
Rated: *****
This release reissues a collector gem which took to Jochen Lange, more than two years of hard researches to be able to track down the mysterious Roy Young. This guy, one day in 1980 entered the Octopus Studios with a Korg MS10 monophonic synth and a drum machine to give form to his visions about those times: Margaret Thatcher and police repression were the main influences and the big brother didn't wait 1984 to be alive and kicking. Guy, helped by studio's engineer Dave Hoser, recorded twelve tracks that he released on an album (and two of them also on a following 7") for his own label Vex Records. Few copies circulated and after that Transparent Illusion and STILL HUMAN became almost a legend. Anna Logue Records proudly reissue those recordings adding two demo versions of "Concepts" and "Vortex" and people can choose from CD format and clear, black or orange vinyl (this edition along with the sticker and the postcard has also a DIN A2 poster). Now, that we can listen to the music we can tell if this was really a gem and I can say that... yes it is. On Roy's songs you can hear the passion and the disillusion of a young guy who, inspired by punk and by the first electronic bands (sometimes I hear echoes of Tubeway Army/Gary Numan), decided to record those songs even if he could use only a synth and a drum machine. I don't know if that was a stylistic choice but I doubt that. Using Dave Hoser studio skills into multi track recording and into synth programming (MS10 as far as I know has no midi), Transparent Illusion delivered to history minimal electronic pop songs which sound nervous and futuristic, where a young guy sung lyrics like: "Someone stood behind me / I could feel their mind inside me / They are always searching / They love to see me burning".

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