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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Scontrum Act IX
Format: CD
Label: War Office Propaganda (@)
Rated: *****
SCONTRUM ACT IX will be the last release of this series and it will be the last War Office Propaganda release also. The ninth chapter, as usual, sees three bands contributing with three exclusive tracks and this time we have Eldar (from Spain they have released different albums which have already been reissued and lately they did an album for Cold Meat Industry), Liyr (from France they have recently released on Rage In Eden their debut album which I have already reviewed) and Der Arbeiter (also from Spain, they just released their second album on Ur Muzik and you can find the review here on CHAIN D.L.K.). Eldar's tracks are in balance from ritual atmospheres and martial industrial sounds and are quite convincing. Liyr, following the style you can find on their album "Fragments of dust", bring in three bombastic neo classical tunes which sound dramatic and passionate. Der Arbeiter is a multifaceted project so, following the same path, present different styles: electronic wave with post punk rhythms, militaristic marches with ambient inserts and a martial/orchestral cover of Amon Duul's "Deutsch nepal". I can't say if this is the best chapter of the lot but for sure is a nice one.

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