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Artist: Christopher Willits (@)
Title: Tiger Flower Circle Sun
Format: CD
Label: Ghostly International (@)
Rated: *****
Christopher Willits is one of the artist whose work is focused on the fusion of electronic sounds with acoustic one, specifically his method is the processing and filtering of samples or session of acoustic instruments. So his music lost the typical seriousness, or coldness, of most of the recors that lies under the "experimental sounds" file.
This new album from this american composer is a pure summer one. "Sun Body" is the paradigm of this work, after some processed guitar, the beat start and then the voices (is always stunning to consider how large is the influence of Beach Boys vocal harmonies even outside pop music). Tracks like "Green Faces", "Intend Evolve", "Brunches into Flowers" are lovely examples of an equilibrium between experimental and pop. There's a complex structures behind "Uplinfting the Streets" where layers of electric guitar and, so it seems to me, oriental strings are carefully layered. "You are always surrounded by stars" features a remarkable change of rhythm that reveal the will to go beyond the standards of this type of sounds.
In other tunes like "Sunlight is You" or "Branches into Flowers" is clear the influence of the last Fennesz, just line tracks like "The hands connect to the Heart" and the "The hands connect to the Head" recall that there some reason between his collaboration with Sakamoto. But this hints are just to say: if you like this artist, this is a record not to miss.

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