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Artist: Aerial Fx
Title: Same River Twice
Format: CD
Label: Other Voices Records
Rated: *****
Active during the first half of the 80's, Aerial Fx were a band from Oxford that were know before their Island Music deal as Exit 13. They incarnate the story of many indie band of that signed a deal with a major label just to be fired soon after. Aerial Fx after the 7" released on Island released their first album and only album in 1982 on Kamera Records (label that had on their catalog also The Fall, Palais Schaumburg, Allez Allez, etc). After a small line-up change they signed for EMI but because of musical disagreements with the label they never released a record with them. They continued until 1986 to play but at that point with no label, they decided to end their musical adventure under that name. The Aerial Fx's story seemed to end there but nowadays the vocalist/guitarist Chris Hufford (well-known in music industry as the manager of Radiohead, Supergrass and Gamma Hayes and active with his i.d.m., ambient project Anti Atlas) decided to allow the Russian label Other Voices to release some unreleased song from the 1980 and 1984 period. The CD contains twelve tracks ("Make it for you" is here both in the 7" and 12" version) which are in balance from post punk, new wave and pop (try to imagine a blend of China Crisis, Gang Of Four of the third album period and Comsat Angels) and shows a band that should have gained success and that make me curious to listen how sounded their first album. If UK new wave is your cup of tea check Aearial Fx.

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