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Artist: Lark Blames
Title: The Reins Of Life
Format: CD
Label: Ur Muzik (@)
Rated: *****
THE REINS OF LIFE is the second release for both Lark Blames and Ur Muzik and this should be a sign of something, because this album is really intense. Formed by Lloyd James (Naevus, Retarder) and Marc Blackie (Sleeping Pictures, These Papercuts), Lark Blames released their first album "Chimney" four years ago on Old Europa Cafe and now are back with six tracks in balance from noise folk (the opening "Cups), industrial noise patchwork ("Hospital"), industrial psychedelia ("Sunday" and "Church") and ambient experimental psychedelia ("Lunge" and "Nimbus"). Most of them are long suites born from improvisation sessions where layers of guitar noises create a thick background for rumbling drums or melancholic piano melodies. Now slow and intense (remembering a bit Skullflower) and then experimental and hallucinatory the album will lead you through muddy paths... watch your step!

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