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Artist: Neutral Lies
Title: A Deceptive Calm
Format: CD
Label: Boredom Product (@)
Rated: *****
Neutral Lies are a duo coming from Lille, Northern France, formed by Jean Francois Dean and Nicolas Delbarre. A DECEPTIVE CALM is their debut album under this moniker but they have on their back years of activity with different bands. Since 1986 they gathered experience with: Mr Collins, The Vegetable Men, Integrite Absolue, A Place Apart, Frenetic Convulsions, Process On and Concept of Xeno. On A DECEPTIVE CALM they focused their musical skills on a mix of synthpop, upbeat electro and melancholic mid tempos someone, at this point, would name Depeche Mode, but Neutral Lies didn't have exactly that goal, because their music is more influenced by electronic new wave (check tracks like"Nostalgia" and "Slough of despond") and a bit of 80's e.b.m. (on the label's note you can read the name of Absolute Body Control). With intimate lyrics that cover the high and lows of human soul (mostly the second ones), Neutral Lies added to an analogue synthetic sound, a vocal style in balance from melody and detachment that sometimes didn't convince me fully even if with different listening you get used to that and you start to enjoy the cool sounds they use.

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