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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Some Tunes 4
Format: CD
Label: Basserk (@)
Rated: *****
Three weeks after the release of the third chapter of the SOME TUNES series, Basserk proudly give birth to a new volume! The fourth CD compilation of the SOME TUNES series does what you're expecting from an album that on the rear cover reports as genres: electro, pistolpop, fidget and bass... it beats you hard with bass frequencies, distortions, catchy tunes, loud 4/4 or syncopated drum beats. As usual, along with bands that already released E.P.s or participated to old volumes of the series, this fourth chapter presents to the Basserk lovers some new names: from Belgium Vecho ("Who you calling" is a good grime techno tune with funny phone samples), Trashing Teenagers ("Freakz on 66" is a classic Basserk tune with obsessive distorted bass lines and bouncing rhythms) and Depuis91 ("Body" is a distorted melodic instrumental with hard beats and traces of pop melodies), from Germany Ita Atari & Rampue ("Space rocket" is a fun upbeat electropunk tune a bit a la B-52s) , from UK Narsti ("Not as strong as the machines" is a nice instrumental mid tempo which mix two step, electro and pistolpop) and Boemklatsch ("Noisy" sounds like a retro videogame acid tune) from Netherlands. Along with them you'll have the chance to dig new classics like the ones of Petr Passive ("Ganz sticky" is a classic grime dance song with dub rhythms and electro vocals) or Rawfare ("Floor luv" mix house vocal samples and grime sounds).

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