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Title: Mind Altar
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Ghostly International
Rated: *****
Previously released on cassette through Deastro's blog the eight tracks of MIND ALTAR and the three (that you always find into this release) of "Orange Swimmer Red Summer" have been remastered and gathered into a release available as digital download and print and download (a new format for Ghostly International, the PDL is a 10" x 10" open-edition print, which comes with a digital download of the album. All prints are made using archival quality ink on cotton rag paper and come with an artist-signed certificate of authenticity). The eleven tracks E.P. opens with "Mind altar", a song that gathers melodies that recall me John Foxx of "The golden section" (along with "Mowgli the lynx") the period but packed into a multi layered structure of reverbs and distortion that could recall My Bloody Valentine. Still in his twenties Randolph Chabot isn't afraid to experiment new ways of writing "pop" songs playing with sounds and structures. We pass from the psychedelic wave of distortions of "Genesis weapon" to the "organ/bass and hard beats" assault of the following "Pastor kid redux edition", the chaotic reverbs of "The concept of land ownership" and the distorted pop wave of "Divali" (anyone remember Ultravivid Scene?) and "Get frostied". Pop, experimentation (check the melodic but also chaotic "World of shadow") and new wave influences are the core of this release and if you were a fan of 4AD in the late 80s, I suggest you to check this out.

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