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Artist: Hurry Hurry feat.Marilyn Thomas (@)
Title: Life
Format: CD
Label: Substantial Brothers Productions (@)
Hailing from Lake Heights, Western Australia, the Hurrys Brothers, Rob and Wayne, after a remarkable experience in the composition of music for commercial release and film-scoring, decided to dwell on a personal musical project which might potentially have many interesting developments. As a matter of fact, this first release entitled Life ' they took almost three years to finish it ' even if it's not so easy to categorize could stand as a sort of music-ed audio-book dealing with an immersive narration, almost lost in reverie, about the presumable appearance of Planet Earth before the coming of mankind and its greedy purposes, whimsically spoken by Marilyn Thomas, acting as an imaginary Gaia, narrating in such an interesting way a sort of auto-biographical report! Some sounds look a little too 'vintage' to my ears (maybe it's a sort of heritage from their professional experience I music business'¦), but have you ever imagined an audiobook full of quotations such as kosmische muzik (Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schultze in primis), Pink Floyd, new age's knights, primordial electronic music (maybe for the in-embryo themes of this record), space rock, symphonic rock and more in 16 chapters starting with a preface, A Million Stars / The Virgin Planet, which could let resurface to the listener's memory that French-powdered interpretation of glam-wave by Vintage after an overdose of Schultze's most ethereal release and some nice forays in dub and 'liquid' music territories (tracks such as Amphibion are definitively my favorite ones), and ending with the intensively emotional stress evoked in a track which could not be titled but Homo Sapiens? An enjoyable and educative (in many senses'¦try for example to imagine what could be the actual words of Mother Earth'¦) way to tell a story on how LIFE came to life!

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