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Artist: Memmaker
Title: How To Enlist In A Robot Uprising: Deluxe Edition
Format: CD
Label: Artoffact Records (@)
Rated: *****
This is album is the reissue of the debut album issued in 2008 on Hive Records. The interest in this band owe to the fact that Memmaker is a side project of Iszoloscope. If album like "the audient void" lied on a mix of harsh noise and ambient, this project is pure EBM with a carefully chosen palette of synth. Nothing really new, in fact, but dance music is not a genre known for experimentation but for powerful beat and synths.
After an intro track like "prophecy" with atmospheric synths, the beat start with "ascent" and, then, the album goes almost linear until the tenth track "insomnia", a sort of chill-out before the final assault, in the original relase, of "deception" but, in this release, two bonus tracks gives other fuel to the dance.
This album is a well produced bunch of beats that will swear the alternative dancefloor.

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