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Jun 11 2010
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Artist: Slick Idiot
Title: Sucksess
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Itchy Records
Rated: *****
KMFDM members En Esch and Guenter Schulz formed Slick Idiot after the 1999 temporary breakup of their main project, but have since carried on releasing 2 remix albums and a total of 3 studio albums ("Sucksess" being the third of those). This album features some live drums (Gregg Ziemba) and both male and female vocals (En Esch and Erica Dilanjian) as well as many of the signature sounds and techniques of KMFDM's two members (read intense EBM programming and guitar riffs). Overall the album is maybe a bit more minimal and less aggressive that what KMFDM might have accustomed you to, but there is plenty of hard hitting tracks left in there. Rhythmically "Sucksess" explores a variety of territories, including noise industrial ("Haller"), drum'n'bass ("Last Kiss"), four on the floor dance-industrial ("Wer Bist Du?"), techno ("Burn For Me"), more electro-rock/metal ("I.I.W.I.I.", "Daydreams") and of course the classic EBM sound you all know and love. Variety is also to be found musically, with a vague middle-eastern echoes in the "Imago" intro and weird musical cameos, like a hawaiian guitar intro... Slick Idiot is currently on tour in the US (throughout July) and will be selling this CD at shows only (for now), so if you want to get a copy and see the band live check out their website for dates.

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