Music Reviews

Title: Impassive Sky
Format: CD
Label: Disko B
Rated: *****
Active since early nineties, Patrick Pulsinger is releasing this month his fourth album IMPASSIVE SKIES. On this new album Patrick succeeded into conjugate different musical influences under the flag of techno music. Jazz, glitch, electro and techno could seem really difficult to get along but he, helped by friends like Fennesz, Franz Hauntizinger, Abe Duque, ElektroGuzzi, G Rizo and Teresa Rotschopf, composed eight tracks where jazz improvisations duet with electronic sounds. The result is really intriguing and we pass from the syncopated techno with trumpet solos of the opening "Grey gardens" to the dance dark electro with Detroit flavor of "A to Z" (where Teresa Rotschopf vocal performance help is making of this a killer song), passing from the piano rhodes inserts of "Future back" and the funky guitar of "Blame it" (tracks featuring Abe Duque). IMPASSIVE SKIES is a multifaceted album that will reveal its essence only after some listening sessions but you'll be satisfied to find yourself discovering a new bit each time.

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