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Title: Skeleton Tracks
Format: CD EP
Label: MOMT (@)
Rated: *****
Lone Wolves is a band featuring members of UCNX, Amorphite, MC2 plus others. They recorded the five tracks of the SKELETON TRACKS during an experimental jam sessions and Momt is giving us the chance to listen to a good E.P. where creativity and energy don't find no boundaries. Post punk and electro industrial music are the core elements of Lone Wolves' music and every track has its own atmosphere. The E.P. opens with "No failing" where electro industrial percussions mixed with synth leads find a female vocal shouting slogans just to follow with a punk industrial tune titled "Noname" where a guy performs his best shouts helped by guitar riffs distortions. "Patience & stillness" changes everything with its melancholic piano mixed with digital feedbacks. "My name is betrayal" is next and the atmosphere turns tense with a mix of mid tempo rhythms, early e.b.m. electronics and female readings. The closing "Lowlit" is an upbeat electronic instrumental with synth pads and cool syncopated drum machine rhythms. At the end of it there's a sort of joke track where the sessions turns into an alcoholic happening. Nice release that is able to mix melody, aggressive sounds and energy.

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