Music Reviews

Artist: HUMINOIDA (@)
Title: Huminoida Loves You
Format: 7"
Label: Out Of Range Records (@)
Rated: *****
After one year and half from the "Other side" 7", Huminoida is back and now only K.K. (ex Neuroactive vocalist) is left to please our thirst of electronic synth sounds. HUMINOIDA LOVES YOU E.P. contains three new tracks which function as appetizer of their first album that will be released later in this year. This new single finds K.K. inspired and willing to explore the classic synth sounds of the 80s finding new ideas and energy from fat synth bass lines and excited oscillators. The opening song "Obsession" is a mix of 80s dark wave and early e.b.m. (like a blend of John Foxx and Klinik) and it has catchy melodic lines and upbeat tempo. I really love it. Side B has two tracks that form a sort of suite where the first part "Bygone wars" is composed by melancholic mid tempo synth lines with WWII samples just to end into "Whiter noise", a slow piano/vocals ballad really touching. In ten minutes of music, Kimmo put so many ideas that all the "two sounds synth wave bands" will feel ashamed. Can't wait for the album...

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