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Artist: CURL
Title: We Are Complex
Format: CD
Label: D-Monic
Formed in the mid nineties from an intuition of FranKA, Corpus Delicti's former guitarist, Curl are releasing in 2010 their third album titled WE ARE COMPLEX. With this new project FranKA wanted to create new wave influenced songs where electronic sounds help enriching the formula. Formed by him on guitars, keyboards and vocals, Harly Alker on vocals, Yves Pleiser at drums, Manuel Acqualent on bass guitar and Wil helping them live for the additional guitars, the band composed a sensual album where alternated male and female vocals create involving atmospheres. Most of the songs are mid tempos where the electronic sounds are well balanced with guitars and a punching distorted bass guitar. Sometimes you can hear echoes of The Cure thanks to clean guitar arpeggios alternated to distorted riffs or Curve, but you can't reduce Curl's sound to that, because also pop and trip-hop find place into their dna. WE ARE COMPLEX is a good blend of all these elements and if you like energetic riffs and seducing atmospheres you should check this out...

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