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Title: A Scent Of Garmambrosia
Format: CD
Label: Aagoo
Distributor: Cargo
A SCENT OF GARMAMBROSIA is a conceptual work of avant-garde music where layers of strings, processed sounds and field recordings form a constant flux of changing sounds where dissonant trumpets meet piano notes and strings. Petit took the David Lynch's Twin Peaks definition of the word Garmonbozia (which is "pain and suffering that is consumed") and mixed it with the Greek mythology Gods' food "Ambrosia" just to coin the new term "Garmambrosia". The seven tracks of the album have been written as it was a musical score for a soundtrack and if we take Lynch as reference I don't think we could make an error as "When a seagorse meets a seafish...", "Pellicula", "The neptunial flights of fireflies", "A scent of garmambrosia", "Night elves jukebox", "The moon woman" and "The nightcrawler" transpose in music the chaos and pain expressed by Lynch into his most experimental works (and we aren't forced to think about "Eraserhead" as also "Twin peaks" had such panicking moments). Intense...

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