Music Reviews

May 26 2010
Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Yummy! Yummy
Format: CD
Label: Hot Corner Records (@)
Distributor: 667 / Rough Trade
Rated: *****
When I first put this CD on, not knowing it was a compilation, I assumed it was one artist, so when I found out it was various artists I was impressed with how organic, well matched and homogeneous the selection turned out to be. The artists are mostly unknown and I believe all or mostly german and they've come together thanks to the Hot Corner Records mastermind (and contributing artist himself) John Pussner. The other six names are Danny Decock, Crack Hudson, Blockboy, Parasyte Woman, Mika Krogen and Lippovic and they contributed a total of 15 tracks of groovy, loungey, disco-ish fresh, funky and happy mixture of electronica, acid jazz, trip hop music. Lots of bouncy beats, head-bobbing bass lines, digital soundz, real drum sets, old-school breaks, sampled, scratchy & scratched vinyl, single vocal lines or samples of voices from other sources. All of the artists are working on their own debut albums so this will be a great way to taste a few yummy flavors before going for the full seven course meal!

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