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Title: Mysteries Of The Greylands
Format: CD
Label: Greytone (@)
Rated: *****
After releasing their forth studio album on Malignant two years ago, Phragments are delivering the result of three years of work in conjunction with Korinth on Greytone. MYSTERIES OF THE GREYLANDS is a voyage through the deserted lands of an imaginative place where, as they say, "reality becomes myth and myth becomes reality. Where repressed longings lurk, waiting to be awakened". Musically the five suites of the album mix ritualistic ambiance, Gregorian chants, industrial noises and classical music samples where here and there melody surfaces (like the violin duetting with the choruses on "The mirror") creating a melancholy effect which breaks the mournful atmosphere generated by dark ambient sounds. Rhythm is rarely used and this choice turns this CD from an industrial album into a psychic trip that finds its opus into the thirty four minutes of the closing "The greylands". Track that mix minimal strings orchestra variations, cosmic atmospheres, choirs and some distant blasting percussions at its end. A bit minimal for an occasional listening but such a voyage isn't like taking the bus for a couple of stops...

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