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Title: Until…
Format: CD
Label: Greytone (@)
Rated: *****
Formed by Robin Storey and Mark Spybey who are or have been members of :zoviet*france:, Rapoon, Dead Voices on Air, Propeller and Sofortkontakt! (Andy Eardley, who was also a member of :zoviet*france: was part of Reformed Faction since July of 2006, has left the project) Reformed Faction are releasing on Greytone their fourth album titled UNTIL.... Released one year after "I am the source of light, I am not a mirror", out for Soleilmoon, Reformed Faction apply Stockhausen's abstract compositional instructions to ambient sounds creating what I can call six ghostly tracks where the sounds graze you but they make you feel also kinda empty. Just listen to the harmonic crescendo on "For the sun" or the minimal background noises of "Begins to burn" and you'll be trapped into a sort of slow motion where reversed sounds are released to hunt your soul. If you are in the mood for dreamy atmospheres applied to industrial ambient then feel free to check UNTIL...

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