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Artist: Blessure Grave (@)
Title: Judged by 12, Carried by 6
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Alien8 (@)
Distributor: Release The Bats
Rated: *****
"Judged by 12, Carried by 6" is the first album by Blessure Grave and it is out on CD on Canada's finest Alien8 and on limited LP on Release The Bats. They mix goth aesthetics with an extremely good songwriting. Yes, you've read that correctly, somebody is taking it where Theater Of Tragedy left many years ago. You'll find a claustrophobic drumming similar to Crisis (can't help mentioning them as a standard, i might be a little obsessed) and deathrock-like lyrics, often tinged with a pitch-black humour which takes us back to the californian tradition (Reyna and Toby are from San Diego). The sound on this LP shows a slight more refined studio work, which doesn't alter the "live" feel of their previous recordings. "In The First Place", also out as a limited 7" on Holidays Records, leads us back into our beloved old smoke-filled, scarcely lit room with crumbling walls and blood dripping everywhere. "Open Or Shut" and "Hope For The Worst" could be instant anthems for the lost boys (yeah, the movie). Being goth or post-punk in 2010 means being open to a wider and different audience, that's why this album and the previous singles and tapes were out on labels dealing with experimental, noise or whateveryouwanttocallit. The cd version comes with the striking "Learn To Love The Rope" EP as a bonus. Just great.

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