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Artist: UMEK
Title: Neuro
Format: CD
Label: Tehnika (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
In this last period my needs of listening to something new (or at least new for me) is increased and is strange that my "curiosity ship" has laded on the wide lands of experimental techno. I wasn't aware of Tehnika releases and luckily our friends at Audioglobe sent me Oktex and Umek's cds. I'm absolutely ignorant about techno music and related scenes (even if a friend of mine told me that my last tracks I'm composing under the Noisebrigade moniker remember him some Jeff Mills stuff) and I didn't know Uros Umek. Reading his bio in the label's site you can know that Uros UMEK is renowned for his co-operation with Recycled Loops, Consumer Recreation, Absence, Monoid, Planet Rhythm, Nova Mute, Zet, Primate, Projex and others is a DJ star of the Slovene techno scene about to join the "Top 10" of the European techno DJs/artists. He has been a DJ since 1993, DJ-ing first in Slovene clubs only, while in the last three years he has mainly been DJ-ing abroad, in the UK, Germany, Spain, USA, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia, Brazil, Japan and elsewhere. Umek has released around 60 records on many labels(Tortured, Primate, Audio, Prime-evil, Consumer Recreation, CLR, Monoid, Absence, Recycled Loops... ). Wow,that's quite an impressive activity for a solo project. Mind that this is my first Umek record but if this is similar to his old releases I have to tell that this man is a genius. His tracks are immediate, multi layered and respect the techno music I've been listening searching online his music is fresh, powerful and even if based on rhythms and sounds he doesn't forget melody at all. Gee, NEURO is really a beautiful CD and its fourteen tracks will convince electronic music lovers like me that aren't aware of the techno scene. Dobro!

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