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Artist: W.A.S.T.E.
Title: A Silent Mantra Of Rage
Format: CD
Label: Vendetta Music (@)
Distributor: KGD Media
Rated: *****
It seems, that the Sistinas collective has stopped all further activities, since the best known acts did meanwhile hire to other labels (ALTER DER RUINE - > Crunch Pod, TO MEGA THERION - > Vendetta Music). Also W.A.S.T.E., the project of Shane Englefield, has found now a new home in Vendetta Music, and releases now a new album, the third already after the two releases on Sistinas. And since W.A.S.T.E. is surely one of a higher recognized US-based acts providing a harsh and rhythmical Powernoise-driven sound outfit, this release offers besides the usual album with 12 all new tracks, a bonus CD featuring diverse remix contributions as well as unreleased own compositions. Not, that W.A.S.T.E. needs to hunt for remix contributions by some highly acclaimed names like C/A/T, MONO NO AWARE, XOTOX or the already mentioned ALTER DER RUINE, the own compositions of Shane are drastically and floor-compatible enough to set fire under the boots of the pogo-addicted masses. Original tracks like "The Beast", "Gun To The Head", "Marked For Extinction" or "The Death March" are some fine examples for merciless violence pressed onto a silver circle of this harsh Powernoise project. Other favorites have to be named with the ominous and cold sounding tunes like the spooky "That Moment Of Terror", or "Kill Your Own", which both offer some scary moments through their layered Industrial ambience. As for pointing out the favorites of the second CD, the works of XOTOX, ALTER DER RUINE and C/A/T offer the best moments – rather the expected names. In case you’re planning to do a Powernoise party, please make sure to give this DCD set a spin – You could save the costs for a DJ, since this massive and harsh sonic assault offers floor-burners as well as merciless soundscapes to keep not only this release and this project attractive. As a complete set, it defines nothing else than the standard of modern produced rhythmically Powernoise, and lets higher recognized projects like TERRORFAKT or MANUFACTURA look like toothless dogs.

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