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Artist: VEX'D
Title: Cloud Seed
Format: CD
Label: Planet Mu
Rated: *****
It's been a while that we were waiting for the second Vex'd album and we will still be as Vex'd probably at this point won't be no more. Years ago Jamie Teasdale and Roly Porter moved to different cities and faced the difficulties to work from distant places. They already had something almost ready for the second album but because of the difficulties of working in that way they passed on to other projects. Planet Mu wanted to put something out in any case so they decided to use the tracks they had originally prepared for the second full length and added some remixes they did, just to make understand to people what they did in the meantime. At this point you'd expect that the fourteen tracks of CLOUD SEED would sound as a sort of compilation of remixes and unfinished tracks, well... they don't. CLOUD SEED sound like a strong grime dark electronic middle finger pointed to the sky. The original tunes propose their usual throbbing bass sounds plus slow blasting rhythms: three tracks have guests on vocals (Warrior Queen on "Take time out", Anneka on "Heart space" and Jest on "Disposition") and they sound sorta industrial ragamuffin with experimental attitude. The other tracks show the cinematic side of the duo (check "Remains of the day" or "Shinju bridge"). The remixes are as good as the original and "Bar kimura" (originally by Plaid) shows a new side of the band by coupling dramatic vocals with orchestral sounds and distorted synth waves. Another amazing one is their version of a modern classical tune, "Sutring quertete no.2", by Gabriel Prokofiev. The original was a great orchestral tense tune and Vex'd made of it a dark blast. It's possible that this will be the last Vex'd album, so, don't miss it!

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