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Artist: C-Drone Defect (@)
Title: Dystopia
Format: CD
Label: NoiTekk / COP International (@)
Distributor: COP International/DDT
Rated: *****
It has taken 5 years, until the German fellow Marc Horstmeier could release a new album under his famous moniker C-DRONE DEFECT. "Dystopia" is his third album and without any doubt his best work so far! Released by the renowned NoiTekk-label and provided with a distribution deal for the North-American market under the wings of COP International, this album can be rated as being one of the outstanding productions, which came out during the last half year. Especially the fact, that this album sounds completely different to many other colleagues out of the famous NoiTekk-roster, should already surprise the audience. "Dystopia" is a fine worked out and multiple layered Dark Electro-album, which balances well between ominous and cinematic sounding introductions and aggressive and pummeling harsh Electro tunes. That hatred description "Hellectro" doesn’t work on this album (some minor exceptions approving this rule, just check "Mundus vult decipi"), since this album is so much better and more detailed produced, that it completely impresses through its mood. Double-plus-good also, that the end mastering has been integrated wisely – no hunt to reach the highest thinkable peaks on here. May the permanent club visitors will argue because of a lesser floor-compatibility, although some tunes do allow ecstatic body movements ("Morituri te salutant", "Orpheus", "Mundus vult decipi", and almost "Mente videbor"). The pure listeners instead, will discover lots of ear candy , as the rich and in-depth fx-arrangements available on "Rebellis" or "Aegri somnia" draw relations to the moods of classic works offered by FLA, early DISMANTLED, or the French REMAIN SILENT. I tend to call this album with its Latin title names as being a tiny masterpiece and state-of-art work of hard and Dark Electro music. Marc Horstmeier (what a cool fore name... ) has to be named in one traditional breath with well-known German names like X-FUSION, PAINBASTARD or earlier :WUMPSCUT:. He also proves, that there’s a way out of an imaginary death valley called Techno-/trance-driven Hellectro-sounds – "Dystopia" offers perfect object lesson.

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