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Artist: ROEL MEELKOP (@)
Title: an ear for numbers
Format: CD
Label: Zang: (@)
Rated: *****
Another one of those hard to be classified releases that many of our readers can dig, I'm sorry it took me so much to review it but believe me it's not absolutely one of those cd that makes you feel like you can review it easily. Meelkop is one of those sound artists dealing with hyper intellectual avant electronic music walking on the edge of the thin line that divides contemporary classic electronic music and sound art you usually listen when looking some video or art performance in a contemporary museum. Don't worry oh you tender hearts! Meelkop is not just cold and sharp and he's not absolutely trapped into the "strong sound" vs silence dichotomy, sometimes (like in the case of the second track) you can also happen to taste a quasi melodic fragment by the way I'm sure you know what to expect. Sometimes it also reminded me of some Asmus Tietchens experimental works, since he's more some kind of perforative use of sound art than in the construction of a "song". I found it also interesting the fact thanks to a varied and mixed track-list it doesn't get boring after a while and it keeps building a constant tension that catches listener's attention. For the simple it may appear there's no doubt Meelkop's minimalism hides a maniacal definition of sound and particulars. Soft minimal abstractism for trained ears, that's the name of the game.

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