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Title: silk-screened
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Trace recordings (@)
Rated: *****
As usual as soon as the cd comes out of my mailbox I've the time to give it one or two play and I don't pay any attention to the layout, to the musician/band name or to the label, I can't say I follow it as a dogma, but more or less that's my modus operandi. So what's the point?...that's only to say the cd captured my attention right from the early listenings, I've discovered just later that the main author was Philippe Petite, that in case you don't know beside being a top notch musician, is one of the masterminds of String of Consciousness and also the man behind Pandemonium and Bip Hop records. Let's start by saying this' a beautiful and top notch release and if you ask me it's ten thousands times better than Petit's release for the Wire, that doesn't mean the second is not good, but it makes me think that despite the big names involved in some of his past releases, Petit can kick ass by himself or with the help of some old friends from the french independent scene. The trait d'union of many recordings involving this french "dj/electronic composer" is a post-jazz, post-rock feel with an elegant late night mood and here you have it again and at its best. Samples, horn sections, soft guitars, trumpets, drones and similar frameworks laid behind the jazzy arrangements just to lull them on a soft bed made out of "ghost" notes. Petite mixed everything with his usual sense of proportions and took a good care of pan potting of the global atmosphere and sometimes he ended floating there in the calm sea somewhere in between chamber music, jazz and post-rock. A deep Chicagoan feel that brings in mind people like Boxhead Ensamble, Brokeback, Pink Floyd (anybody said Tarentel), Miles Davis, Ecm records and something in the likes. The filmic atmosphere is even more stronger than in many of Petit's work, this time he definitely reclaims the soundtrack status. A simple elegant nightly recording with a lot of melancholic jazzy melodies and a fistful of tears and sadness falling right after the end titles.

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