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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Global Surveyor Phase 3
Format: CD
Label: Dominance Electricity
Rated: *****
Available in CD as well as a three vinyl edition and on digital format at the usual retailers, GLOBAL SURVEYOR PHASE 3 is, as stated by the title, the third chapter of the series compiled by Matthias Weise (a.k.a. Sbassship, TRV, etc). Released five years from the second chapter, this new gathers twenty one killer electro tunes, which taking inspiration from the cover painted by David A. Hardy (the longest established living space artist, European vice president of the International Association of Astronomical Artists), bring to the lovers of deep synthetic bass lines and analog waves tracks that mix hard beats, spacey ambient synth sounds and electro bleeping sounds. Matthias, along with bands coming from Dominance Electricity roster, called in Keith Tucker (a.k.a. K1 from the legendary Detroit band Aux88), Middle Men (a.k.a. Phil Klein, famous for making music under the Bass Junkie moniker), Gosub (famous Miami project of Shad T. Scott) and Mesak (one half of Mr. Velcro Fastener). We have plenty of tunes to dig and electro sounds from all over the world with participants coming from Sweden, Holland, Serbia, Lithuania, Germany, England, U.S.A. and Finland. As usual for compilations some tracks stand out and in our case I won't make you miss the following: DJE's "Defiler" (its electro sounds mixed with middle Eastern melodies will catch your attention in no time), Global Surveyor feat. K1 & Gab.Gato's "Global Surveyor (DBS Remix)" (finest bouncing electro), Middle Men's "Space Quest" (cool deep vocals and upbeat electro mysterious melodies to dig), Lektroid's "Modular" (breathtaking electro funk), Gosub's "Folding time" (classic Gosub bass sounds with catchy ambient atmospheres), Sbassship's "Fall" (classic Sbassship's sweeps coupled with upbeat tempos), Varia's "Night Drive" (atmospheres a la Klaus Schulze for this project), Direct Control's "Stars" (classic electro that you'll love if you dig Sbassship) and the closing spacey threatening ambient sound of CPU's "Signals from the Dark". You can download the 10 minutes teaser here

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