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Artist: IN[TOXIN] (@)
Title: UFO Rave
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: X-Line / Alter-X Promotion Group (@)
Rated: *****
The Alter-X Promotion group has buried out once again a promising newcomer act out the Russian Electronica underground. IN[TOXIN] is the name of this producing DJ working under his pseudonym ToxicRain, who hails out of the city Rostov on Don. Applause also and once again for the traditionally awesome cover artwork, which continues with the mysticism of some astronomical and/or Alien-related themes. "UFO Rave" is globally a hard-hitting and speedy forward-moving Electro/Industrial-album heavily inspired by works of acts like S.A.M. or the latest ANIMASSACRE-recordings. It is nearly impossible, to sit still to this kind of music, as this project forces its audience to some wild pogo-related movements with their crafty and pummeling rhythm work. Their multiple sequencing works I tend to rate as being a standout attitude, although I would recommend to shorten one or another tune. It simply becomes a bit strenuous, if too much tracks range over 6 minutes of a pure hammering beat inferno without a noticeable break. Also to rely too often on the hypnotic effect of their multiple sequencing work does seldom replace a constant and well-thought compositional effort. But however, the hyper-active Hellectro/TBM-infected masses will praise this act quite well and their work is additive. Quite good in its kind, quite surprising for X-Line, if you have discovered other acts earlier.

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