Music Reviews

Title: Allah Hoo
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Vermin Street
Rated: *****
Ex Paranoid Zen collective member Boston native Rob Vector has been exploring the electronica worldly sounds for quite awhile. Long time producer with Blues Guitar to his current explorations of the Tibetan Throat-Singing, Rob has a strong resume of assisting the organization of chill rooms and psychedelic vortexes in loft parties and larger events in New England and beyond. ALLAH HOO is his first release on Vermin Street and it contains the original version of the tune plus on the virtual B-side of the digital single a remix by DJ Melee. "Allah Hoo" is a mid tempo track which mix electronic sounds, Indian percussions and vocal samples. It sound like of a worldly version of old Prodigy. Known for being involved into Boston's Red Bull Music Academy Regional Rep and for his local label Monism (which features releases from the likes of Kid Blue, Simply Jeff, and Si Begg), Dj Melee took the Indian chants and melodies of the original tunes and added an upbeat techno bass line, a 4/4 beat and mysterious sounding filtered piano inserts. Nice one...

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