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Artist: Alphatronic (@)
Title: Sonic Landscapes
Format: CD
Label: Everest Records (@)
Rated: *****
"Sonic Landscapes" is a record from Swiss IDM project Alphatronic. There are a lot of very nice textures explored here, and I think that "Sonic Landscapes" is indeed a very apt title for the audio contained within.

There are many different styles explored here, but the general theme is lush analogue bleeps and pads accompanied by nice mid tempo beats and lots and lots of atmosphere. There is a definite emphasis on texture and experimentation via the various synth sounds, but there is also a sense of melody and rhythm that gives the tracks a balance of sorts.

It is most certainly complex ear candy, but it also does not betray your ears or your body. A true IDM record, you can simultaneously shake your head and scratch your beard to this stuff.

Every track on "Sonic Landscapes" is quite good, so it's hard to pick favorites. Standouts for me include "Lhuntse", "Trongsa" and "Autsho".
But they are all really good. If you dig acts like Richard Devine, Aphex Twin or Autechre, you will definitely like Alphatronic.

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