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Artist: EX.DELICTO (@)
Title: Hostile
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: X-Line / Alter-X Promotion Project (@)
Rated: *****
Someone out there with an interest to listen , what the DENERGIZED-musician Case likes to produce, if he finds free time? Well, under EX.DELICTO the musically things tend to differ. Here and there you’ll recognize an idea, an already discovered sound, or maybe a compositional effort quite comparable to his better known project signed to Advoxya-Records. But generally this pure instrumental album differs with a lighter outfit. "Hostile" is mostly straight and danceable produced and celebrates matured programming skills by balancing well between Electropop and EBM. At some tracks I would wish to hear vocals, but nevertheless this release entertains on all 11 tunes. Tracks like "Crime Industry" and "New Rose Hotel" may reaches the nearest the fairway of DENERGIZED, while the calm title track with it’s light and catchy arrangements is the most recognized tune on here. What INTERMIX is for Bill Leeb, that seems to be EX.DELICTO for Case. Entertaining Electronica to consume without hesitation – another high quality release for the Russian Alter-X promotion group. Thumbs up also for the nice UFO-related cover artwork!

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