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Artist: FORNAX (@)
Title: Space Travel
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: X-Line / Alter-X Promotion Project (@)
Rated: *****
Another free downloadable release by the Russian Alter-X Promotion team brings us an EP of FORNAX. FORNAX itself is the musically outfit of the label-owner Nullklever. FORNAX can look back on several releases on all three labels of the Alter-X Promotion group, but since this EP got released under their X-Line label, this "Space Travel" offers a special kind of Electro/Industrial music, but with several hints to other genres. Elements taken out of Noise, Ambient and IDM can be discovered, and I really can’t remember, if I’ve heard anything comparable before. This is a special form of Experimental-EBM with a spacey touch. 6 original tracks and 3 remixes on the title track provided by friends and label comrades like Seclorum (art and remixes, co-owner of the gone predecessor label .nbk-Records), the already discovered T_ERROR 404, and SY9 are taking care to offer qualitative diversity. The main content of this "Space Travel" deals with beautiful and artistically fine worked out views on some astronomical phenomenons as well as themes out of the UFO theory. A quite interesting release worth to download.

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