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Artist: In Strict Confidence
Title: My Despair
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Minuswelt
Distributor: AL!VE
Rated: *****
It’s been a while since we heard from ISC for the last time. The most recent release "Exile Paradise" is dated as early as 2006, but with "My Despair" the creative pause has come to its end. The new EP is the forerunner of the forthcoming album to come out in 2010.
There are several versions of the title track (club mix, extended version, slow dive and a Sono remix). Furthermore, there are two additional original tracks: "Feeling" and "Constant Flow". I do not know whether they will be featured on the next full-length album. And there is something for the eyes too; a video of "My Despair", also available in an iPhone format). Now, what’s the story with the leather tank crew or old fashioned pilot hat?.. Seven tracks + a video for a price of one MCD.
There is a new front lady Nina de Lianin convincingly performing on "Feeling". No doubt her style perfectly suits ISC’s style.
Long story short, the musical style of ISC has not really changes. This is an updated version of ISC and this is no reason for despair, but to expect a true quality product next year from Dennis and the co.

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