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Title: Tongue Tangled Hair
Format: CD
Label: Tartaruga Records (@)
Rated: *****
TONGUE TANGLED HAIR is the second Bleeding Heart Narrative full length album and for this one Olivier Barret (sometimes helped by other seven people who played violin, cello, saxophone, drums and guitar here and there) mixed the cards a little bit if you paragon this album with his first one. If "All that was missing we never had in the world" was tense and dark, TONGUE TANGLED HAIR is a multifaceted album where you find all the distinctive elements of the previous one (strings, piano, guitars and the atmosphere that was switching from the relaxed melancholy of "Blueskywards" - only available on the Cold Spring reissue - to the throbbing wall of sound of the opening "Bhn") plus an expanded song attitude (many of the twelve tracks have vocals and melody) that will please all the post rock lovers. If part of the tension is gone, the gloominess and the thick sound effect is still there. Strings build a kind of droney sound (only on "Tilted the wall" we have a sort of chamber quartet with pizzicato cellos and all) while piano and vocals paint a tormented melancholic picture. Personally I prefer tension but I have to admit that also TONGUE TANGLED HAIR is capable to build a great atmosphere. You can download "Colours Turn Colours" mp3 from Tartaruga Records website.

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