Music Reviews

Title: Abyss Desires
Format: CD
Distributor: MASTERPIECE
Rated: *****
Danger! It's a declaration of LOVE: I LOVE this DUO. They have all we EBM lovers are searching for: Robotic but not ridiculous voices, strong beat but not too dirty or too much TECHNO, electronic pads easy to listen but not like mobile phone rings. The researches they made put them in the OLYMPOS of my favorite band: CLOCK DVA, Depeche Mode and Front 242. AVOIDAVOID are elegant and cool like an EBM electro band has to be. This work makes you dance and think at the same time, suggesting paranoiac rides along SHYBUYA square in Tokyo with stereoscopic glasses. My personal anguish is to focus over one single track....I can't, this work is a must to have, and my written words cannot explain the pleasure to hear retro sounds put together intelligently and with a coolness that few band in this area have. The third track it is something my ears wait for long time in this era of idiot deja vu. The 5th track unchained in my mind the fact that they are an incredible mix beetween NEW ORDER and Depeche Mode early years!!!! AAV plays like the best parasites inside the creature called EBM/WAVE/POP and the time in their hands changes like in a sort of progressive electro EBM, every track is a small masterpiece. Thank you guys you given a reason to the "AIR" and I hope that all the Djs interested into to move ppl will grasp this masterpiece asap.

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