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Artist: Wayne Hussey
Title: BARE
Format: CD
Label: echozone
Distributor: MASTERPIECE
Rated: *****
The Art of Wayne Hussey has the sure aim to focus over a simple status of mind where his voice and thoughts are really able to guide in his own world, he admits in fact that this work is an epitaph of his artistic past with the music project called The Mission. It's the art of the greatest artist to manipulate audience's mind and Wayne has this honest and great power. For sure I am not an easy-to- melancholy-person but Wayne brought me in inside a realm of hidden and secret minds, his personal changing world is revealed by his songs and it's easy to feel empathy about that; everyone of us has had similar experience to twist our life to reach a new adventure. His ballads and poems are subtle suggestions to try to get out the noise around us, for sure is a work very useful after a 4hours in the middle of chaos of our highways. The challenge of track 4 is not something easy: Whit or Without you is an absolute masterpiece and Wayne remembers that to us with passion and the art to play the guitar with his heart. Wayne is a pure WAVE singer, the deepness of his voice, the scenarios he suggest and his dark side are so evident that I strongly suggest thiswork to Spiritual Front's audience.

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